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Use our Software and Opt-in Email 50 million

for each $5 per month Microsoft 365 account!

Our software automates all the necessary aspects of CAN-SPAM compliant opted-in emailing that Microsoft 365 does not automate.

It auto loads your csv of contacts to O365, removes bounces, exports cleaned and bad data, and handles opt-outs, advanced tracking, and much more.

No longer do you need to login to a 3rd party email service! Simply send bulk email from Desktop Outlook or Outlook on the Web or originate the emailing from any 3rd party email service like Gmail, Yahoo, through Microsoft 365.

Our software also synchs with Microsoft Azure Active Directory enabling Microsoft to email for you and promote your sales pitch and website.

Incredibly User Friendly

When you create a distribution or group list you simply identify each list by simply creating a list identifier email address, e.g. MyCustomers@MyWebsite.com

Then simply put just the one list identifier email address on the TO LINE of your Outlook Desktop or Office 365 website and your entire list is emailed by Microsoft in seconds. Simple! You can even assign others to email lists you create!

It’s not only the least expensive and easiest opt-in email option, but it also has features and benefits that you have never seen, that give you by far the best deliverability…


Our Software Makes Microsoft Bulk Emailing Even More Deliverable
than it already is!

Best Deliverability!

Microsoft Auto Encrypts & Decrypts Emails. Email filters use Bayesian algorithms that assign spam points against email content. (Too much html, images. adjectives, bold, italics, etc.). When the emails are encrypted, they can’t be read! Bulk emailers like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Spark Post, Sendgrid, Aweber, etc., do not provide encryption! Ask your email vendor if it provides encryption and they will tell you no!

Email from the “TO LINE” not the “BCC LINE.” Everyone knows when you send bulk email from the BCC Line it all goes to junk/spam folder. Now you simply create and email just one list identifier email address and use the “TO LINE” and that one email address launches your entire list--- up to 5,000 contacts per each list created. Your recipients see only the “list identifier email address” but only you or those you authorize can email the list. This is huge!

Automated Email Batch Creation: Our software enables you to choose the max number of contacts per list and automates a new email list identifier for each list. So, while Microsoft allows you to email up to 5,000 per list under one email address you can further diversify. Example: You want 100,000 csv of contacts csv imported into Microsoft Office 365 using our software. You simply enter 1,000 max per list and the software will create 100 batches of 1,000 contacts per list. It will auto create 100 email address list identifiers. The software will create a “Master List Identifier” that contains the 100 smaller list identifiers, equaling 100,000. The net effect is there was no more than 1,000 contacts sent from any email address. Furthermore, you can email whatever number of 1,000 batches you want at a time to control response to Customer Service and Sales Departments. This ability to diversify bulk email sending blows away all competitors.

Free Unlimited Shared User Accounts: Create free shared user accounts that have Global Admin permissions with user/password login credentials. Enter the free accounts in the software and email your batches through different domain names to further diversify origination.

Microsoft is by far the largest Cloud and has by far the most IP addresses assigned by ARIN. Microsoft uses many servers and whitelisted IP addresses to email your lists thus enhancing deliverability.

Software Cleans List. After emailing simply click a button and automatically remove bounces from your list.Keeping a list clean substantially improves deliverability.

Microsoft is not in the bulk email business so unlike bulk email service providers its IP addresses are not blacklisted. There are many more reasons that are too technical to discuss and secrets we do not want to make public that enable the best deliverability.

Microsoft Emails your Sales Pitch, and it Promotes your Website!
No cap on the number of CSV rows of data records that can be uploaded!
The recipient sees that it comes from Microsoft. Sample:

Each recipient is invited to be a guest user in your 365 Azure Portal. You can then transfer users
to Dynamic Distribution Lists, with subgroup emailing and other 365 services like TEAMS,
Yammer, Sharepoint, etc

Create Unlimited Groups, Upload CSV and
Microsoft will Email an Invite to Join your Groups

Upload unlimited CSV files of 100,000 each to promote your business by
inviting businesses or residents to join your Yammer, SharePoint, and Teams Groups.

Yammer in particular is an overlooked Social Media channel that enables you to create your own Social Media Network. Create a Group based upon your area of expertise and become the moderator of the group!

You decide if the group is open to the public so your invited members can invite others or keep it private so only the moderator can add members. Microsoft will email millions of your opted-in contacts! Use our software to create a group and upload email addresses and Microsoft will invite people to your group.

When people join the moderator gets access to the registration information! You also have access to native phone apps for both Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Just like any social media app you are alerted with the number of posts from your members. Our software makes creating unlimited groups and uploading unlimited contacts for Microsoft to email your invite so easy! Yes, with no additional cost you can have your own social media network and our software and our knowledge will help you build an enormous group, and you can then you have the option to network with other Yammer groups!

EXAMPLE: www.SavingsSites.com is a national Savings Directory and uses Microsoft to invite masses of “Restaurants” to join its External Group. The restaurants see that its deals are being promoted by SavingsSites.com at no cost and the restaurants receive additional benefits. When Microsoft does the emailing to all the uploaded restaurant email address the restaurants are enticed to join the group and when they join they see the same pitch and asks the new member to go to the Community….

Below is the Yammer admin panel in your Microsoft Office 365 portal…

Save Money & Get Better Email Deliverability!
by using Microsoft 365 Lists!

4our.Site Url Shortner

With Advance Tracking Analytics!

Free Premium Account with License

  • Not AD Supported
  • Click Through Analysis
  • Geo Location
  • Direct Traffic
  • Referrer Traffic
  • Password Option
  • Whitelisted IP's
  • Not Blacklisted


Substantially Improves Senders Deliverability!

Email Senders & Emailed Recipients Both Benefit. WhitelistEmails.com service automates emailed recipients adding senders email addresses to recipient’s whitelist admin dashboard!

Recipients love it as it’s a Free & Easy Way to No Longer Miss Important Emails! Businesses simply add a link to its website or emails the link.

Recipients simply click the link and up to 10 of the senders’ email address domains are automatically added to the recipients Whitelist Panel in recipient’s admin dashboard. We have no access to senders’ emails nor recipients email addresses! Works with Gmail and all Microsoft brands (Outlook, MSN, Live, Hotmail) and more are being added.

Once whitelisted the sender can add sales content to email body without worrying about the recipients email service erroneously filtering it as a spam solicitation and dumping it in the junk/spam folder! Go to website for more information: www.whitelistemails.com

Our Low Software Cost

Using our software with a $5 per month Microsoft Business Basic Office 365 license enables your business to opt-in email 50 million emails per month.

Compare: Constant Contact allows 15,000 contacts emailed only 12 times per month. That’s only 180,000 emails for $195 per mo. / $2,340 per yr.

Constant Contact allows 50,000 contacts emailed only 12 times per month. That’s only 600,000 emails for $335 per mo. / $4,020 per yr.

Additionally, our Microsoft software allows you to email 300,000 different distribution lists. Also, we provide 2 unlocks for 2 different devices. So, you can sell one of your software unlocks and recover your cost!

OPTIONAL: For just $9 per month more you can have Microsoft do your emailing! Your message comes from Microsoft and it will contain your message, your email address and your website!

OPTIONAL: Constant Contact does not encrypt emails. Instead of $5 per month license you can pay $20 per month for E3 Microsoft License and all emails are encrypted, so deliverability is better, as recipient email filters can’t read your emails.

  • $495 / monthly
  • Free Trial for 3 Days
  • 1 License provides 2 unlocks for 2 different PC's.
  • Each PC may use our Desktop Version of the software under 1 unlock.
  • Price grandfathered for 1 year.
  • Includes 1 Million per month in Data Leads from www.DatabaseEmailer.com
  • Includes free Baby Bear Level Pricing ($49) at www.4.our.Site URL Shortening & Advanced Tracking.
  • Includes $100 in Free Sales Leads Credits on www.HugeGroupDeals.com

6 Mo Interest Free

  • $4,995 / Annually
  • Free Trial for 3 Days
  • 2 Licenses provides 4 unlocks for 4 different PC's.
  • Each PC may use our Desktop Version of the software under 1 unlock.
  • Price grandfathered for 3 years.
  • Includes 1 Million per month in Data Leads from www.DatabaseEmailer.com
  • Includes Free Momma Bear Level Pricing ($120) at www.4.our.Site URL Shortening & Advanced Tracking.
  • Includes $200 in Free Sales Leads Credits on www.HugeGroupDeals.com
  • Master Reseller
  • Contact us for more details. 

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